Oct 12, 2016

Quality Custom Signs for Quality Businesses

How many customers pass your business each month? Does your sign properly represent your business? You invested substantially in creating your business—does your sign reflect the significance of that investment? Does it communicate pride, and the quality of the business you have built?

Surveys report that 85% of a businesses potential customers pass a business each month. Surprised? Did you know that the best way to stop that traffic, bring it inside, and take advantage of it is with a well-designed, well-placed sign that invites potential customers to come inside?

We know that when your location is not only a significant investment, but a DESTINATION for your customers, it is critical to make sure your location investment works as hard for you as possible. An attractive, well-maintained, outdoor sign will do that, and a great sign will help you convert your business location into even more business.

For all of our custom signs and carved signs we use professional techniques including 3-D sculpted additions, hand-chiseled effects, V-carved and/or gold leaf lettering—including classic, New England styles—all to achieve stand-out results, and create unique high-impact signs.

With today’s technology, custom carved, three-dimensional or multidimensional signs can be made out of a variety of materials. Each sign is designed with the needs and budget of the customer in mind. Explore our gallery for ideas.

Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years
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We build custom signs for clients throughout the United States and have been serving
the Buffalo, Rochester, and Greater Western New York area for over 30 years.
Signlanguage, Inc. leading the way in quality custom business signs.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM
Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years

Signlanguge Inc. is proud to stand by our products with a 8 year fit and finish guarantee on all our signs that we produce and install. Our 8 year warranty will cover any finish failures (paint peeling, etc) on new signs and posts along with breakage, warping and twisting of signs or posts. Acts of God or Vandalism are not covered. Please call if you have any questions about our warranty. 1-585-237-2620 or 1-866-909-2620

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