Dec 23, 2016

The End is Near! Use That Budget Before You Lose It

If your office handles budgets on the “Use it or Lose it” model, December is an outstanding time to order new signage. Requests can be placed and recorded before the end of the year so you can safeguard those monies for 2017.

You may be asking, “OK, but WHY should I order signs now?”

Here are 3 Good Reasons:

1. Things that last

We understand there are supplies every office needs. Stashing those away is a good use of budgets because you know you’ll use them and they don’t “go bad”. With respect though, pens, pencils and stationery are all very temporary and completely consumable. New interior or exterior signs not only enhance the look of your office or location, they refresh and renew perceptions and communicate clearly with your audience. And, if you work with Signlanguage, they last for years. It is a choice that just makes sense!

2. New signs are something to talk about

We know some businesses wrestle with the use of social media. New signs provide several opportunities to talk about what’s going on in your business. Much of our work is within a 100-mile radius of our location, but we work with customers all over the country. When you purchase a custom crafted sign from Signlanguage you can talk about something that was custom made for you that supports jobs here in the US.

Handled correctly, sharing the design process and steps of your new look can certainly generate some social media buzz. Feel free to ask us for a few in-progress images to make that even easier.

3. Pays all year long

New signs from Signlanguage are produced in a multitude of highly durable materials and finishes.

If you’re after a high-end look for interior signs, we’ve got you covered—from high gloss to satin finishes and reflective metallics to brushed copper. Or maybe you desperately need new exterior signs for an office park or new housing community. Signlanguage will be happy to listen and design custom materials that can even include digital portraits for you that work within your budget and make a statement about your business.

If you’re looking for something more exotic and dimensional, our design and production team will be happy to turn your vision into reality. We encourage customers to bring their style to the design process—it is all part of our service to you.

Contact us before your budget year comes to an end.

We’re happy to advise and serve you.

Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years
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Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years

Signlanguge Inc. is proud to stand by our products with a 8 year fit and finish guarantee on all our signs that we produce and install. Our 8 year warranty will cover any finish failures (paint peeling, etc) on new signs and posts along with breakage, warping and twisting of signs or posts. Acts of God or Vandalism are not covered. Please call if you have any questions about our warranty. 1-585-237-2620 or 1-866-909-2620

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