Mar 24, 2017

Construction Season

A few short weeks ago, from Rochester to Buffalo and beyond there was
snow in Western New York. But with April’s arrival, thoughts
quickly turn to “green” and the outdoors as new growth in
the form of flowers, tree buds and yes, construction projects pop up.

Custom Signs & Private Homes
We at Signlanguage know that our custom-crafted signs make for
beautiful and long lasting additions to a home or residential project.
If you are building a new home that includes a barn, stable or arena,
consider the character that identifying those places with names will
bring to your new space. Are directional signs needed for entry and
exit locations? In the case of renovations, the same questions and
considerations apply. Speak with your real estate builder or
developer. We have great working relationships with many and
we’d be happy to create custom signs to add more character to
your place.

Town Home & Apartment Communities
Whether developing land near waterways, country escapes or new urban
and suburban sites, creating a sense of character sets the tone for a
project. High quality, custom designed, produced and installed signs
will differentiate your project, and help you turn the corner from
project to in-demand product. From durable, sculpted composite
materials to gold leaf in-lay and spot illustrations, a distinctive
sign helps future residents as well as neighbors become more
comfortable with a new place. Signlanguage signs are at work doing
that throughout the region, and nationwide. Locally, you can see heavy
concentrations of Signlanguage signs in Pittsford, Ellicottville,
Amherst, Orchard Park and throughout Greater Rochester and Buffalo.

As maintenance projects get underway, we are always pleased to hear
from customers—even six, eight, ten years and more after their
first sign projects with Signlanguage. We frequently hear “the
original sign remains in great shape but the years and climate have
taken a toll on the finish.” We are always happy to suggest
options for refurbishment to refresh and invigorate the color and
details, or add more signs to a site. When a property transitions to
new management, we’re happy to help with signage
needs—from alterations to new signs.

We’re always happy to work with new customers.
You may have gathered by now, we see our business as a craft and view
our signs as unique, individual pieces.

We provide top quality signs, produced 100% in the US, at our western
New York location. We appreciate learning about our customers’
businesses, and we enjoy working with villages and towns on their
gateway signs and other municipal signs like signs for trails and

We have seen many services and industries changed over the nearly 30
years we have been in business as a custom sign company. We’ve
evolved with changes in our own industry: from advances in materials
and to changes in weather resistant finishes and much more.
Our perspective? One thing that is a constant is our view on the
importance of preserving the craftsmanship and artistry that is part
of producing custom signs. We look forward to meeting more owners,
builders and land developers as we continue into the warmer months of
the year. Give us a call to talk with us about your projects soon!


Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years
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We build custom signs for clients throughout the United States and have been serving
the Buffalo, Rochester, and Greater Western New York area for over 30 years.
Signlanguage, Inc. leading the way in quality custom business signs.

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Creating Custom Business Signs for 30 years

Signlanguge Inc. is proud to stand by our products with a 8 year fit and finish guarantee on all our signs that we produce and install. Our 8 year warranty will cover any finish failures (paint peeling, etc) on new signs and posts along with breakage, warping and twisting of signs or posts. Acts of God or Vandalism are not covered. Please call if you have any questions about our warranty. 1-585-237-2620 or 1-866-909-2620

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